March 19, 2010


Life is sometimes so preoccupied with imitating art that the obvious, taken for granted, lowly truths go unnoticed. Until the cobwebs of time and disuse hide them forever like sand dunes waiting for a storm to move them, disclosing the treasures that may lie buried. Sometimes the moving force is Time, again. Most times its our apathy that overrides Time, manually clutching us into low low gear, even occasionally reversing Time where we look at ourselves and feel old and degenerate. Many times I feel that we live in abysmally degenerate times. I don’t have to look far, just examine myself. Generally though I am not pessimistic for the human herd. Evolution, the physics and chemistry of which coupled with a bit of soul and sanctity that it picked along the way, happily has an impetus and direction. We are told that if you point this idiot machine in the right direction, the second law of thermodynamics (Thank God for Newton) will terminate this omnibus at the depot called the omega point (naturally). The thought is reassuring and hopeful. The problem does convolute with serpentine calisthenics back on itself. For it is impossible to lift the bucket and stand in it simultaneously (thermodynamics to the offense). But we can rave and rant, jump and stomp about, turning, pointing this overpopulated bucket in the right direction.

There will be dropouts and abortions, sex, violence, murder and rape until the jumping and stomping rattle the little pebbles of our discontent to a stable settling point (entropy to the rescue) of our cosmic order. With the vibrations of wow and flutter subsiding to base line values, the rate of change of motion will accelerate from disaster to realisation, exponentially.

When will entropy and enthalpy, thermodynamics, physics and electronic chemistry work for us? Which really is the ‘right direction’? Do I sound like Sagan? If I do, it will only have one reason. Gradually we are getting a view of the hill beyond, it beckons.

When will the catalytic moment hit us? Will it be on the road to Damascus or to Sawantwadi? Sometimes I feel like the Zionists, the need to invent the Messiah. Inventions, however, need to be recognized before they become inventions. I’m sure millions of marvelous things accidentally happened in Time but there was no one around smart enough to seize the moment, attribute cause, effect and application. Perhaps Christ was one such.

So many things are seeing the light of day today even though they were invented 40years ago. The materials and technology weren’t available at that time to make them domestic realities. Look at solar energy or the fact that water; common water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen. There is enough Hydrogen in water to work every single machine created, with some left over to form a few bombs too and in the process forming more water. Yet the technology does not exist today to utilize the fact.

The technology of thought and philosophy tries to empty the ocean into a tiny hole. If Christ was invented in the year zero, maybe my hope is someday on this alpha/omega calendar the technology of Tan, Man, and Shakti leads its kindly light towards THE application. Like Sissyphus I live on Hope, till the Boulder, our cross defeats tradition and the grave.